Transformative Narratives initiates performative and audio visual experiences through trans-disciplinary world-building. Linking stories, moulding characters and shaping glimpses of imaginary landscapes, the collective seeks to unravel transformative forces of the self and the power of collective growth and radical care. Mutualism and symbiotic strategies are core topics and methodologies applied to combine experimental music with visual arts and text. The projects initiated disclose the queering of relationships and notions of kinship, weaving personal stories into shared performative experiences. 


Tony Wagner (they/he) is a musician and artist whose work establishes connections between soft and harsh sound spaces and opening zones for the exploration of care and exaltation. Dealing with loss, lust, pain, desire, queer joy and transformation, Tony Renaissance’s sound seeks intensities. Sensitively constructed vocal sample arrangements topped with spoken texts contrast rhythmic noise productions with distorted glitching vocals, pushing pulses up to 163bpm. Tony Renaissance released their EPs “Dreamreality” in 2020 and “Xxxerberus” in 2022, both on their label Tender Matter. As co-founder of the event series The Future, member of the Sounds Queer? collective and founder of Tender Matter, Tony is promoting and highlighting the work of queer, non-binary, Trans and gender nonconforming artists in electronic music.

instagram: tonyrenaissancex

Lena Kuzmich (they/them/no pronouns) is a non-binary and multidisciplinary artist from Vienna, Austria, currently based in Amsterdam. Their work, a fluid remix of photographic and video graphic fragments taken from pop and subcultures, sketches alternate visions of society. World-building strategies and hybridization of bodies become a portal beyond preconceived notions about the world and our identity in it. Queerness, technology, and ecology are intertwining themes in their work, which lays bare narratives shaping our understanding of reality and prepares them for restructure.

instagram: lenakuzmich_