Lena Kuzmich (they/no pronouns) is a non-binary and multidisciplinary artist currently based between Amsterdam and Vienna. Their work, a fluid remix of photographic and videographic fragments taken from pop and subcultures, sketches alternate visions of society. Imaginative landscapes, hybrid representations of bodies, and technology all become a portal beyond preconceived notions about the world and our identity in it. As co-founder of the collective Transformative Narratives, Lena initiates audio-visual performances on sympoietic world-building and radical care. 

Within their practice, they strive for trans-disciplinary approaches with research based on multi-disciplinary hopping. Eclectically, they collect contents from science, art, social theory, pop culture, subcultures, and historical myths to assemble collage-like worlds through the use of various editing software. Found footage is combined with own creations and photographs to assemble new contexts and stories. In their work, images from “obscure” internet forums meet those originally published in scientific databases in an aim to dissolve hierarchies and lay bare narratives that shape our understanding of reality.

instagram: lenakuzmich_ 

*2022 “CHIMERA” — Sehsaal, Vienna, Austria
*2021 “EMBRACE ME” — Improper Walls, Vienna, Austria

*2022 “XxA”—  Kosmostheater, Vienna, Austria

*2023 “Portal Park” — MaMA, Rotterdam, Netherlands
*2023 “Digital Art Stage” — No Art Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
*2023 “Screen, Screen on my Phone, Who's the Fairest of Them All?” — Garage Rotterdam, Netherlands
*2022 Unfair 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands
*2022 “Spielraum” — Lofi, Amsterdam, Netherlands
*2022 “Summer Fling” — L.U.P.O. Gallery, Milan, Italy
*2022 “MEDUSA” — Claptrap, Antwerp, Belgium
*2021 “DIONYSIA” — No Man ́s Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
*2021 Graduation Show — Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Netherlands
*2021 “HEAVY HEADS”, Elektrohalle Rhomberg, Salzburg, Austria
*2021 “Silkworm”, FEM FEST — Worm & Squish, Rotterdam, Netherlands
*2021 Austrian Animation Festival, Vienna, Austria
*2020 Netzhaut Film & Ton Festival, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
*2020 Noorderlicht Festival — Generation Z, Heerenveen, Netherlands
*2020 VIENNA SHORTS — short film festival, Vienna, Austria
*2020 “Mother Tongue” — Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague, Netherlands
*2020 “Cinema Underexposed” — film fetsival, The Hague, Netherlands
*2019 “Little Big Dollhouse” — base of LBD, The Hague, Netherlands
*2019 “Rice & Beans collective”, Bratislava, Slovakia
*2017 “Reflexionen” — Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria
*2016 HOME music & art festival, Greifenstein, Austria
*2016 “Young Professesionals 2016” — horizonte zingst, Zingst, Germany

*2023 @ Rosa Stern, Munich, Germany
*2022 @ Dishes, Volkstheater, Vienna, Austria
*2022 @ Stadtlichter, Berlin, Germany
*2022 @ Kwia, Berlin, Germany
*2022 @ Social Service Club, Copenhagen, Denmark
*2021 @ LIMA, Amsterdam, Netherlands
*2020 @ Empatheater, Copenhagen, Denmark
*2018–2021 Bachelor: Photography at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Netherlands
*2012–2017 Photography department at the Federal Education and Research Institute for Graphics, Vienna, Austria

*2023 Panel Talk “Queerness as Organic Intelligence”
@Nxt Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
*2023 “Sound, Space, Sex”
@Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Netherlands
*2023 Smyposium “Doomcore Continuum”
@ Rosa Stern, Munich, Germany
*2021 “Queer embodiment”
@ The Overkill Festival, Enschede, Netherlands
*2021 “Representation, Gender and the Body”
@ LIMA, Amsterdam, Netherlands
*2021 “Artist Talk” @ Improper Walls, Vienna, Austria

*2023 residency @ Antre Peaux as part of
the European Media Art Plattform
*2021-2023 residency @ WOW, Amsterdam, Netherlands

*2020 Internship with Rachel Maclean

*2021 Special Jury Mention for *best Austrian music video
award “2021” at the VIENNA SHORTS
*2020 Special Jury Mention for “best Music video” at ASIFA Best Austrian Animation
*2020 Nominated for “best Austrian short film 2020” at the VIENNA SHORTS

* 2023 Arist Start Grant from Mondriaan Fonds
* 2022 Project Grant from Stokroos Foundation
* 2022 Grant from Ma7 - Darstellende Kunst for the project “XxA”